Debt overview

Long Term Credit Rating
Long term credit rating (Current)Standard & Poor'sA- (Stable outlook)
 Moody'sA3 (Stable outlook)
Gross debt (reported - inclusive of fair value adjustments) (A$m)3,022
Cash at bank and on deposit (A$m)2,745
Gross debt less cash at bank and on deposit (A$m)277
 Net Financial Debt / (Cash)* (A$m)(109) 
Finance costs (includes non-interest expenses) (A$m)118


* Interest-bearing liabilities less cash at bank and on deposit, net of cross-currency interest rate swaps and interest rate swap contracts.  Excludes lease liabilities.


Debt maturity profile at 30 June 2021

Debt Maturity Profile_30 June 2020


Debt capital market geographical diversity at 30 June 2021

DCM Geographical Diversity_30 June 2020