WesCEF - Development, diversity and inclusion 


Building the diversity of WesCEF’s workforce, in particular gender balance and Indigenous  team member representation, contributes to the inclusiveness of the business’s culture and success. 

Compared to last financial year, gender balance overall has increased through the continuation of initiatives such as gender balanced shortlisting during recruitment, a focus on developing an inclusive culture, including the implementation of a working from home policy, and a focus on pipeline development roles. 

The focus continues on building the number of women in core pipelines, such as engineering, technology and operations, with gender balance achieved (minimum 40 per cent) in development roles, such as vacation students, cadets, graduates, and apprentices. 

Inclusive behaviours workshops were facilitated in the CSBP Sodium Cyanide operations to further explore inclusion in relation to LGBTQI+, Aboriginality, gender and age. 

This year, 16 new Aboriginal team members commenced employment with WesCEF, bringing the total ATSI representation to 43 team members or 3.2 per cent of the workforce. 

WesCEF was proud to hold its first Aboriginal Employee Network event across its businesses, providing the opportunity for Aboriginal team members to get to know each other, develop friendships and support each other. WesCEF also developed an Aboriginal Expressions of Interest candidate pool, which managers can draw on when a job opportunity arises. As of June 2021, there were 58 candidates. 

Focus areas for next year include developing new partnerships with Indigenous organisations and the development of a team member cultural awareness video.