Industrial and Safety - Waste and packaging

Industrial and Safety strives to reduce waste to landfill where possible and during the year, improvements were made to waste measurement which resulted in more accurate reporting. This year, 586 tonnes of waste were diverted from landfill.

Blackwoods and Workwear Group are members of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) and have established 2025 national packaging targets. Both businesses have packaging strategies in place to achieve these targets. Blackwoods’ focus in the 2021 and 2022 financial years is establishing targeted workgroups tasked with achieving packaging targets and delivering on improved waste stream management. Workwear Group’s main packaging initiative has been setting up a working group to identify packaging reduction opportunities and reviewing remaining packaging to determine recycled content or recyclability. Workwear Group is also working with suppliers to transition to more sustainable packaging and identify gaps across the brands.  

Workwear Group is exploring the magnitude of garment waste at end-of-life, reviewing previous activity to address the problem and determine a future process. The business has developed guiding principles and a due diligence program for service providers to ensure they are compliant with the principles and service offering.   

Recycling electronic waste has also been a priority for the division, which will continue into the 2022 financial year. This includes re-using IT equipment and the sustainable disposal of laptops, desktops and printers.